Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Termite Extermination

Hidden infestation of termites sometimes called the hidden enemy can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home before you even know it. You can’t hear them and normally you can’t see them.  They get inside your home and eat at the wood structure until there is nothing left then they move on to another area. The only way to termite extermination is with fumigation soil treatment or other various methods.
Signs of termite infestation are sawdust like droppings, dirt or mud like tubes, trails of damage on the structure, damaged window sills (wood area) and swarming winged insects flying around, especially in the spring or fall.
Termites start in one area of your house then move on to another area by swarming or building mud tubes to travel through. They use your house to live and grow their colonies. Such is life in the insect world.
If the infestation is in a small area, a local or spot control treatment may be effective.  However, the hidden termites in other areas will not be destroyed. Local treatment involves drilling and injecting pesticides into the infected areas as well as chemicals. Some termite exterminating can involve extreme cold.  Liquid nitrogen is pumped into the walls of infested sites killing the termites.  There is also a microwave spot method where microwaves are directed into the infested wood. Beware of the companies that claims spot control will take care of the whole house! They will not...
The only way to treat an infestation of termites is to treat the entire house!
Fumigation method of extermination of termites will require that you remove all pets and plants and seal food and medications. You may be required to stay out of your house anywhere from six hours to a week, depending on the type and size of termite infestation. Your house will be enclosed in a tent like type of nylon tarps and sealed with plastic, tape or other material.  The termite exterminator will post a signs on your property when it will be safe to return.  The treatment will be with a gas and is very effective for drywood termites. Because the chemical is a gas and dissipates as soon as the tent is down you cannot be sure there will not be a  re-infestation of the termites.
For the heat method, all pets, plants, and other items that can’t take high temperatures need to be removed.  Your home will be covered with tarps and hot air blown into it until temperatures reach 140 to 150 degrees F. The inside temperature of the structure (the wood) needs to be heated to 120 degrees F before the procedure will be complete.   Once the heat is applied it will take vary amount of time before you can reenter your home. It depends on the building’s constructions, the size of the house and weather conditions.  This method may not be practical for all structures because some buildings can’t be heated evenly. Once the termite extermination is done, you can go back into your house and live happily ever after.

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