Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dry Termites

Dry termites or rather dry wood termites is a problem that reaches the lower United States. This termite requires less moisture than the other termites, actually only about 3% moisture. what this means is every piece of wood has about 10% moisture. The dry termite has its food source and moisture plus home in one piece of wood.

The dry termite or dry wood termite is the less destructive of the termites as far as subterranean or Formosan termite.
What happens is if left unattended or untreated is the problem only gets worse, the swarmers or reproductive s will swarm out and mate up. I call these the princes and princesses of the termite world. Their purpose is to start new colony's. because this termite requires less moisture to survive they only need to get back into wood. Where as the subterranean termite requires 16-30% moisture to survive they will die if they don't make it back into the soil. So now you see the difference between dry wood termites sometimes referred to as dry termite.

The best way to eliminate the dry termite is to do what is called a fumigation or tenting. this is where a crew or company will come to the residence or structure in question and install a tent over the structure then shoot a gas called Vikane gas, also know as sulfuryl fluoride into the structure. Therefore killing the termites.
Just remember the best method of getting rid of the dry termite is to have it done by a professional exterminator. Using Vikane gas and fumigation is very safe, there is no residuals. No exterminator that I have ever known about has died from this process.


  1. Informative post. I would imagine that you can even find these dry termites in desert areas of the U.S. You said the lower United States. Do you find them in New York?



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