Monday, July 28, 2008

What Does a Termite Look Like?

What Does a Termite Look Like?
Most people who own a residential home or a commercial building, often ask themselves the question "What does a termite look like?" The reason is simple if you as a home owner know what a termite looks like then your well on your way to knowing how to get rid of termites, and possible save a lot of property damage that is caused by these tiny little pests. Most people say that a termite looks like a little white ant, but the reality is that because there is a hierarchy within these very social insects, what they look like depends on the position they hold in the colony.
So what does a termite look like? The worker termites most closely resemble small white ants. They are responsible for foraging for food that will sustain the colony. They are white and soft bodied and smaller in size – just like an ant. Soldier termites are responsible for defending the colony against predators, so they will look a lot like the worker termites except they have a larger head with mandibles that are used for defense.
The reproductive termites are black and have wings, they swarm out of the nest land to mate and to start new colony's , you might say they are princes and princesses. they will land and start going in circles until the female picks a mate.
I am not sure it is important to know how to identify the king and queen of the colony even if they are the ones who "rule" the colony. Chances are you will never see them anyway The queen termite is the largest termite in the colony. She has an elongated body that is usually lighter in color. The king termite is smaller than the queen and his elongated body is darker in color.
Termite colonies live below the ground in America. The worker termites go out and find food – usually in the form of damp wood, leaf debris, and loose cellulite matter. The workers then bring food back to the termite mound where members feed on the matter.
When you own property. Asking yourself "What does a termite look like?" is a responsible thing to do.Termites and termite damage Identification is so important.

needless to say, when you find the damage, the sooner you can start the treating process. Now when someone asks you "What does a termite look like?" you can now speak with authority!

How else will you know how to get rid of termites, unless you know what they look like.

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