Sunday, April 10, 2011

The 4 different types of termites to know about.

There are many different types of termites that we need to worry about, but basically there are four types in the united states that we should be concerned about. These four types of termites all have two things in common and that is, one they all do damage. And Two is they all eat wood.  
1. The subterranean termite.
This lives below the ground surface anywhere from 1 foot to the 30 feet level, when they enter your home they must come in by building mud tubes, this is why is it is always important to be able to see your slab foundation, by being able to observe your slab foundation you can spot any tubes that come from the ground up the slab and enter into the home.
2. The dry wood termite.
Who unlike the subterranean termite only requires about 3% moisture to survive, so this termite can actually live in the wood without leaving the wood, it has its food source and its water supply in the wood itself. This termite will usually leave droppings and looks like small beach sand or saw dust piling up depending on how big the infestation may be from the. This particular termite usually takes a little longer to detect because it does not leave the area of infestation.
3. The damp wood termites.
For this termite to survive it requires a lot more moisture, 30% or more to be exact that is why you would normally find this termite close to wet wood, detecting the damp wood termite is usually done when there is some sort of structural repair going on.
4. The Formosan termite.
being one of the most destructible the Formosan termite can eat through wood with an alarming amount of speed. The Formosan can actually eat through a piece of wood 2x4x6 in about as much time as a subterranean can eat through a piece of wood that is 1x2x4.

It is usually a good idea to seek some professional help if you think you have a problem with one of the four termites listed above.

Seek out professional pest control help help.

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