Thursday, January 1, 2009

Treating Termites

Treating termites might be a problem and may endup causing harm to your home as well as the environment, which is why you will need to have all the facts. Treating termites can be difficult and complex,  you need to make sure you want to do this treatment yourself or hire a reliable pest control company. You would also need to make sure you pick a honest exterminating service as well.

If when treating termites you decide to do the service yourself, then the more knowledge you have the more efficient the treatment will be. you really need to be aware of the different methods for termite treatment.
By this I mean there are basically 3-4 different types of termites, knowing what type of termite depends on what type of treatment you will use. Remember that termite treating equipment is essential to doing the proper treatment.

Questions to ask yourself.

• What type of termite do I have? Know the facts.
• Do or can I bait for this type of termite? Know the facts.
• What chemicals or bait do I need? Can I even buy the chemical? Know the facts
• What equipment will I need? How expensive is the equipment? Is it cost effective to do it my self.

What types of termites do I have, are they Dry wood or subterranean termites?
Are they damp wood or Formosan termites?  Knowing the different types is very important.
Baiting versus chemical treatment is an important
question in treating for termites.
Should I bait or do chemical treatment? All of the above is so important. With some termites baits would be ineffective because drywood and dampwood termite colonies are inside the wood, not in the ground.

Wood destroying insects such as dry wood termites, powder post beetles, and wood borers are most effectively treated by using the tenting and fumigation method. For the past few years baiting has been used for treating subterranean termites.
Understand baiting for termites is like going fishing. The only way to catch a fish is to use a good bait so the only way to get rid of termites by baiting is to use a good bait and even then it is a miss or hit situation, if the termite does not take the bait then
all is in vain.

Again, ask for credentials and certifications. See if the pest control company is a member of any program such as BB, pest control or Chamber of commerce associations. Again installation is the key to thesuccess or failure when treating termites.
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