Thursday, April 9, 2009

Termite Company

I was reading a article the other day and in the article a question was ask about choosing the right termite company or termite companies. The homeowners ask about how to know when and if the company he was using to get rid of the termites was doing a good job.
As a lay person you probably would never know if the company did a good job or not. Just do some back ground checks and go from there. If a company has a history of ripping people off then it will show up with BBB.

It seems the family wanted this house to be there home forever and was concerned that the termites were not gone. The home owner bought the home under the assumption that it was clear of termites. Now that they owned the home the termite company who gave the clearance letter was also going to treat the home. Now understand one thing. Termite inspections are visual inspection unless the person has a way of looking in the walls or has a dog that can sniff out termites. Even these various ways are not full proof.

The one thing I would do if you find you have termites and bought the home is have more then one company take a look and give a termite estimate on the cost to treat the structure. Do not just take for granted that the termite company who gave the inspection should do the treatment. They can and maybe will offer you a free or a discounted price to do the termite treatment. All termite companies that I know of carry a termite insurance to protect themselves from this type of mistake.

The type or how much the termite insurance covers varies from state to state. And termite companies do carry a termite bond. If a termite company does not offer a bond that can be renewed every year then I would not do business with that termite company.

You can use a local termite company, or go with one of the bigger termite companies such as Orkin, Terminex or Truly Nolen just to name a few.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hire a Termite Exterminator or Do It Yourself

Termites cause million of dollars of damage a yearly and thousands of dollars to your house! They are the number one cause of damage to any structure. It’s because they work slowly and quietly so you don’t know you have damaged to your house until it starts to show or you have a termite exterminator check it out for you.

If you suspect your house has termites then retaining a professional termite exterminator is a must. Termite exterminators have specialized equipment and knowledge you don’t have to get the damaged fixed and the termites eliminated. Always use a recommended or reputable company with the knowledge in termites not just any old bug company.

Take your time in deciding which termite exterminator you want to use. Since termites work quietly and slowly you have time to make the right choice. Note where the damage areas are and whether they are active or inactive. If you choose to do it yourself, there are methods and treatments readily available.

The “do it yourself” method can save you money but the disadvantage is if you don’t get all the termites then you will still have to have a termite exterminator come out to take care of the problem (which will cost you more money). Assess the extent of the termite damage and the current infestation, if you are confident you can do it yourself then research the different methods of exterminating the termites. Remember you have to check under the house and in crawl spaces, and check how and why they got in and fix these problems first or the termites will come back.

You can use the bait treatment or a chemical treatment. The bait treatment uses wooden monitors that you bury six-ten inches in the ground to lure the termites to them then use a bait to kill them. The termite chemical treatment is injected into the soil but can be harmful to the environment and dangerous if not used properly. Be sure to comply with local laws for chemical applications. Be sure and follow the label.

Hiring a termite exterminator is probably the best way to go as they have all the permits, licensing and equipment to combat your termite problem. Most termite company's would suggest you not try to solve your termite problem on your own. Just putting out a termite bait box won’t work. They have to be eliminated in a certain way. Also the damage needs to be fixed.

The advantage of hiring a termite exterminator is they not only have the equipment and licensing but they also offer a termite warranty and referred to as a termite bond. The warranty will include a re-treatment if necessary. Termite exterminators will perform a home inspection and give you a written plan for treatment cost and procedures including chemical labels and warranty information. In the long run hiring a termite exterminator will save your home as well as your pocket book.

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